When it comes to nurturing your mind, body, and soul, our top-rated Toronto yoga studio offers a diverse range of class packages and memberships designed to elevate your practice and cater to yogis of all skill levels. Whether you prefer the grounded experience of mat classes, the elevated challenge of aerial yoga, or the convenience of live-stream sessions, our studio has something for everyone. Let’s delve into the details of each offering to help you find the perfect fit for your yoga journey.

Aerial Yoga Classes: Elevate Your Practice with Suspended Asanas

Step into a world where gravity becomes a partner in your yoga practice. Our aerial yoga classes provide a unique and invigorating experience, allowing you to explore yoga poses in a suspended state. From inversions that enhance circulation to challenging aerial asanas that build strength, this class is a thrilling departure from traditional mat practices. Join us in the air and discover a new dimension to your yoga journey at our Toronto studio.

Mat Classes: Grounding Yoga Experiences for All Skill Levels

For those who seek a more traditional approach, our mat classes offer a grounding and accessible yoga experience suitable for practitioners of all skill levels. These sessions focus on the connection between breath and movement, fostering a sense of balance and tranquility. Immerse yourself in the beauty of foundational poses, mindful transitions, and the soothing rhythm of your breath. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our mat classes provide a solid foundation for your practice.


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Live Stream Classes: Join Our Community from Anywhere

In the digital age, distance should never hinder your yoga practice. Our live-stream classes bring the Toronto yoga studio experience directly to you, no matter where you are. Connect with our community in real-time, guided by experienced instructors who bring the studio atmosphere to your living room. Enjoy the flexibility of joining a class from the comfort of your home while staying connected with fellow yogis in our virtual community.

Aerial + Mat Classes Monthly Renewal Membership: Exclusive Access and Continuous Growth

For those committed to ongoing growth, our aerial + mat classes monthly renewal membership offers exclusive access to a combination of aerial and mat classes. This membership ensures a continuous and evolving practice, allowing you to explore both dimensions of yoga. Enjoy the benefits of varied practices and the convenience of monthly renewal for uninterrupted access to our diverse class offerings.

Aerial + Mat Classes 3 Months Membership: Dive Deeper into Your Yoga Journey

Embark on a transformative journey with our aerial + mat classes 3 months membership. This extended commitment provides the opportunity to dive deeper into your yoga practice over a quarter of a year. Delve into the intricacies of aerial yoga and mat classes, witnessing your physical and mental strength flourish with each session. This membership is ideal for those seeking a more profound and immersive yoga experience.

Monthly Renewal Membership: Consistent Wellness at Your Fingertips

Maintaining consistency in your yoga practice is key to overall wellness. Our monthly renewal membership offers a convenient and sustainable approach to achieving this consistency. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred class type, ensuring that your journey toward physical and mental well-being remains a constant part of your routine.

This membership includes 30 studio practice sessions per month, allowing you to immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of our Toronto yoga studio. With 7 classes per week, you have the freedom to tailor your practice to your schedule, ensuring that yoga seamlessly integrates into your daily life. Additionally, our live stream classes provide the flexibility to join sessions from anywhere, offering a holistic and accessible approach to consistent wellness at your fingertips.

Three Months Membership: Embrace Transformation Over a Quarter

For those desiring a commitment that spans a quarter of the year, our three-month membership is tailored to support your transformative journey. Embrace the benefits of regular practice, witness the positive changes in your body and mind, and cultivate a deeper connection to your yoga practice. This membership is a perfect balance of commitment and flexibility.

As a member of our three-month membership, you gain exclusive access to 90 studio practices over the course of your membership. With 7 classes per week, you have the flexibility to choose sessions that align with your schedule and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the challenging aerial yoga classes or the grounding mat experiences, this membership ensures that you have ample opportunities to explore and enhance your practice.


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One-Year Commitment Membership: Unlock Long-Term Benefits for Mind and Body

For the dedicated yogis who understand the long-term benefits of consistent practice, our one-year commitment membership is designed to unlock a multitude of physical and mental rewards. Commit to your well-being for an entire year, enjoying unlimited access to all our classes and exclusive perks that accompany this extended commitment.

Monthly Online Membership: Stay Connected Virtually for Ongoing Support

In a world that thrives on virtual connections, our monthly online membership is tailored for those who prefer the convenience of practicing yoga virtually. Stay connected with our community and receive ongoing support from experienced instructors, all from the comfort of your home. This membership option allows you to prioritize your well-being in a way that aligns with your lifestyle.

Moreover, this membership includes live stream classes, offering you the opportunity to participate in real-time sessions and maintain the sense of community that our Toronto yoga studio is known for. Join your fellow yogis virtually and experience the energy and guidance of our skilled instructors, no matter where you are. Additionally, our video-on-demand channel ensures that you have access to a library of pre-recorded classes, allowing you to practice at your own pace and revisit your favorite sessions whenever it suits you.

Transform Your Wellness Journey: Embrace AT OM Yoga Today!

Are you ready to take your yoga journey to new heights? Whether you’re drawn to the exhilarating challenges of aerial yoga, the grounding experiences of mat classes, or the convenience of virtual sessions, AT OM Yoga in Toronto has the perfect class package or membership for you. Elevate your practice, embrace transformation, and unlock long-term benefits for your mind and body. Join our vibrant community and prioritize your well-being with our top-rated studio. Ready to dive in? Contact us today to embark on a transformative yoga journey that aligns with your unique preferences and needs. Your path to continuous growth and well-being starts here.