AT OM Yoga and Pilates incorporates mindfulness in breath and movement so you can move with ease, think in peace and radiate light in all aspects of your life. You feel energetic and balanced, achieving your best body, best self. You find contentment. You become love.

AT OM is founded by Banu Behfar. With an athletic lifestyle throughout her life, Banu started yoga and meditation in 2002. The healing power of the practice was the energy that connected with her right away. Since then, Banu has been dedicated to her daily practices inspired by the teachings of spiritual leaders, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, and world well known yoga teachers, Sarah Finger, Tara Stiles, and Kino McGregeor.

Banu completed her 300 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with ISHTA Yoga in New York City under the mentorship of Sarah Finger, specializing in Ayurveda, Meditation and Tantra Yoga. For her 250 hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Banu completed her training with the Aerial Yoga Academy. She obtained her 250 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto at The Yoga Sanctuary in 2012, with a focus on Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga under the guidance of Cynthia Funk.

In 2016 she obtained her Mat Pilates Certificate from Equinox. Guiding movement at a variety of studios and fitness clubs, Banu’s style of teaching is focused on movement with the energy of the breath, with the intention of coupling ease and challenge in each practice to advance.

With a MBA from Ivey Business School, when not at the studio, Banu works as a digital marketing director in the fashion industry, trains for cycling and running races, takes part in life drawing sessions, and travels the world.

Love. Creativity. Contentment. Mindfulness. Selflessness. Gratitude. Unity.